Iphone 6 Dies At 10 Percent

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When Your Iphone Dies With Battery Left Meme Guy

why does my iphone turn off when i still have battery life remaining heres the real fix by david payette on april 17 2018 power im going to tell you why your iphone its not going to display the right percentage just like apps on your iphone your iphones firmware can have glitches too wait isnt this deeper than a , why does my phone die at a very high percentage for a while my phone has been gradually increasing at when my phone would die it goes to a different battery percentage different to when it died eg it died at 100 but when rebooted it shows 96 i have this problem currently with my iphone 6 i can only use it for about 15 minutes , iphone 6 battery stuck at 1 iphone 6 battery stuck at 100 iphone 6 always says 100 battery battery percentage iphone 6 wrong iphone 6 battery stays at 100 the dies iphone 7 battery stuck your battery indicator shows a cool 40 percent and then suddenly its dead with older iphones its a common problem years of use throw off the calibration while the batterys capacity dwindles, on an iphone 6 s or older press and hold down both the sleepwake button and the home button at the same time on an iphone 7 or newer press and hold down both the sleepwake button and the volume down button at the same time keep them held down until you see an apple logo let go, if youre running a mac you might also want to check the health of your iphone 6s battery by downloading an app called coconut battery then connect your iphone to your mac via lighting cable and then click to view the ios battery what im noticing is that once the phone is exposed to the cold for around 1015 minutes the phone will sometimes die out of nowhere ive seen with battery life anywhere from 10 to 50 and when i try to turn it on it shows the battery as empty, i have a mid 2013 iphone 5 running ios 802 note this is not a model that had a faulty battery issue my phone has been dying between 10 and 15 percent battery life when the phone dies i cant turn it on without plugging it in i get the dead battery icon, my iphone 5 runs out of power very quickly first it was 50 then it was 60 then 70 and now 80 at 80 the phone will shut down like it would when the power gets to 0 when it powers back on it says 80 its almost like the limit of when to shut the phone off was and still is getting to a higher percentage however the phone is unusable

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